Meeting Laura & Italian literary blogs reviews

Italian literary blogs say this about Meeting Laura:

‘The brief, but intense, novel about the mysterious Laura will carry you away on a voyage of the soul and the heart….  It’s a dream-like knowing mixture, this work by Anna “Annina” Lorenzi, that is capable of sounding out the human soul…. A BOOK THAT REALLY MAKES AN IMPRESSION. Vote: 5 Stars.’ – Roberta Canu, La Stanza dei Libri di Annabel

‘A novel that, in my opinion, gushes with talent, and you can feel how the author has always lived in the extraordinary world of books.’ – Francesca Ghiribelli, Un’Altalena di Emozioni

‘A mega-recommended book for chick lit lovers and I’d dare say for all dreamers. Immerse yourselves in this almost otherworldly story, and, like AJ, set your thoughts free to fly!’ – Chiara Cionco, MuatyLand

Meeting Laura is a book that makes you think, that opens your mind without being pedantic because it “plays” with the little great joys of life that smooth out the road to happiness.’ – Concetta Padula, RecensioneLibro

Updated to: 08.08.2020

English translations, book and review excerpts: Starleen K. Meyer

“Meeting Laura – A novel loosely and partially inspired by the life of…“
An “A19” project – Copyright ©2019-2020 Anna Lorenzi.
All rights reserved.

Author: Anna “Annina” Lorenzi
Original Title: “Incontrando Laura – Un romanzo liberamente e in parte ispirato alla vita di…”
Translated from Italian by Starleen K. Meyer

Although the novel is loosely – and only partially – inspired by the life of Laura Prepon, this is a work of fiction, and this book is not authorized and/or endorsed by L. H. PreponAny resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, names, characters, businesses, places, locales, and incidents are purely coincidental, produced by the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.

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