– OFF – Out NOW!

(Dancing Along the Margins of the Dark Side) – Some Call It Poetry
– Everything Off (or almost…) –

“Dedicated to those who, every day, dance with their demons. (And to the most stubborn one that always twists in us.)” -A19

After the success of The Microscope and The Roller Coaster, Anna “Annina” Lorenzi stirs her readers’ emotions once again with the third volume of her series, “Some Call It Poetry”: a collection of poetry – spartan and a little raw – that includes selections from preceding volumes and subsequent “snapshots.”

I dare you.

Turn everything off
Don’t listen to

The river flowing
Let it go

Everything slips by

No one
Can hurt you anymore.

– OFF –

Everything off
I don’t hear you

The river flows
I let it go

I dare you

Look me in the eyes
Do you still think you know how to find me?

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“…And quickly there was only absence, an emptiness that was too awkward, too many questions without answers, a promise of forever hung around the neck, which, probably, would never be possible for her to fulfill and … OFF. Once again in OFF mode. Maybe never to get out of it.

And just think, she had believed that Christmas trees could light up like the day even at the height of summer, and never be turned off. What an idiot. And just think that, for her whole life, she had believed that ‘on friendship and on loyalty’ it was really worth the effort to bet ‘even the soul.’

(…) Now even she knows well that it’s better to leave Christmas trees turned off, leave them where they are, to abandon them to the passage of time, among childhood memories, chocolates, the smell of talcum powder, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, bare feet and the splinters of wooden floors, game cards, and relatives… To leave them there. Dusty and turned off. And never turned on, again, for any reason in the world…”

A19 – October, 2021

– OFF -(Dancing Along the Margins of the Dark Side) –
From the book series: Some Call It Poetry

Italian contemporary poetry by Anna “Annina” Lorenzi. Texts written in one go, which for many evoke the style of Japanese haiku for their immediacy and their ability to arrive directly and frankly to the heart of each reader through images and sensations. A new and different style, “a purely sensory experience.” An experience to try. Enjoy!

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An “Original A19” Project – Anna “Annina Lorenzi. Copyright ©2021-2022 Anna Lorenzi. All rights reserved.
Original Title: “- OFF – (Danzando ai Margini del Lato Oscuro)” translated from Italian by Starleen K. MeyerCollana: Qualcuno Le Chiama Poesie
Reader “Zero”: Starleen K. Meyer – Reader 1: Laura Altamura
Cover and book design: A19Original cover image by: Alberto Sanchez. Copyright ©2021-2022 Anna Lorenzi.