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A collection of snapshots immortalized with a pen.

I like the idea of being born.
So, let there be birth,

After the appearance of her novel, Meeting Laura, and during the writing of the sequel, Anna “Annina” Lorenzi surprises us, again, with a ‘lateral’ project completely different from her previous publications.
It’s an outside of the box collection, without rules. A collection of words and images, of emotions, of Life that someone has even called “poetry”…

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Intro: Two Words from the Author

This collection was born almost by chance, even if I honestly like to call it ‘destiny.’

It was born thanks to meeting a special person, someone rare and precious, one of those who, if they really enter into your life, it would be very difficult for them to exit it without having left a deep mark, indelible, without having unexpectedly given you something marvelous, almost shocking it’s so Real.

(But, between you and me, why should there be an exit? I really hope not!)

A person with whom I’ve had, and I have, the honor and the privilege of exchanging lots and lots of words and of being able to call her a Friend. A person who gave me not just the right inspiration and motivation every day, but also ‘the extra mile’ for working and believing in this unexpected project, for every single line I wrote.

Within these pages, you’ll find everything and it’s exact opposite. You’ll find me. Better yet, though, you’ll find what you yourselves want to find.

Take these ‘snapshots’ as if they were pictures hung on empty walls in an art exhibit (if we can talk of ‘art’). Observe them, read them, immerse yourselves in them without thinking. Empty your minds, use your hearts… Make them your own, without hesitation.


The Microscope (Some Call It Poetry)

From the book series: Some Call It Poetry
Italian contemporary poetry by Anna “Annina” Lorenzi. Texts written in one go, which for many evoke the style of Japanese haiku for their immediacy and their ability to arrive directly and frankly to the heart of each reader through images and sensations. A new and different style, “a purely sensory experience.” An experience to try. Enjoy!

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Original Title: “The Microscope. Una raccolta di scatti immortalati con la penna” by Anna “Annina” Lorenzi.
Translated from Italian by: Starleen K. Meyer

An “Original A19” Project.
Copyright ©2020 Anna Lorenzi. All rights reserved.

Reader “Zero”: Lucia Codato, Writer Coach –
Reader “Zero” for “Extra Snapshot”: Max Pezzali

Booktrailer, cover and book design: A19
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Booktrailer’s music by: Gabriele Nisi