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Given the imminent release of Meeting Laura – A novel loosely and partially inspired by the life of… (May 19, 2020 – Amazon Paperback & eBook – the e-book is already available in pre-order on all the Amazon stores), here’s a no-spoilers interview with Anna “Annina” Lorenzi, who has answered the questions of some of her followers. She reveals a bit about herself, the book, its writing, and… who Laura is!

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Q: “So, Anna, are you ready for a barrage of questions? Your followers are very curious…
A: “Sure. Let’s get started!”

Q: “First, something about you… how long have you been writing?
A: “I’ve been writing pretty much my whole life. Like I often say, even before knowing how to do it! Oh, since I was about six years old… I’ve had ups and downs, times in which I wrote a lot and others only a little, times when I wrote only for myself, or for a very few friends, or even publishing it, but I never stopped, and I don’t think that I ever will.”

Q: “Did something happen, was there a particular moment, that gave birth to this love for writing?
A: “There wasn’t a particular moment. As long as I can remember, I’ve liked to tell stories using a pen, to invent stories, to talk about my life and what I see.”

Q: “What is writing for you?
A: “For me, writing is a ‘something’ that has always been a part of me. It’s my first way of communicating. It’s an instrument. It’s also something very intimate, in some ways, almost a need.”

Q: “Let’s talk about your novel that’s coming out. Did it take you a long time to write it?
A: “Not really. I’m used to writing in one go, to following the flow of thoughts and words when it comes and to putting it down on paper, or, by now, on a Mac. What comes after the writing was definitely a longer process: revising, correcting, formatting…”

Q: “How did the idea come to you for this book?
A: “Honestly, I couldn’t say. It came, just like that, suddenly. There were things to say to the world, again, but with a higher tone of voice, a series of events, circumstances, thoughts, and… the idea just came by itself. I can give you a hint, though. It was when we began to hear of undergraduate degrees and Masters degrees for being influencers…”

Q: “How much of the book is autobiographical?
A: “For sure not just a little, like in everything that I write. Let’s not forget, though, that it’s always  a work of fiction!”

Q: “In the book, as in many posts on your blog, the environment and the landscapes seem very meaningful,… is this true?
A: “Without a doubt the environment and the landscapes are two factors that interact and, in a certain sense, dialogue both with the characters of the narrative and with the readers. So, yes, I’d say that that’s true.”

Q: “What emotions and sensations did you feel during the writing of this book, and where did this ‘journey’ take you?
A: “Lots of emotions, I’d say, but it’s difficult to explain them without giving things away. Even if it’s a fruit of my imagination, and besides any auto-biographical aspects, when I write it’s always as if I personally lived what I’m writing, often in a really intense way, immersing myself in my own story. Without a doubt, I was in the protagonist’s shoes step-by-step,… and now I want to travel for real!”

Q: “OK, let’s get to the burning question… Laura really exists, doesn’t she? Who is she?
A: “Ah, I was waiting for this one! First and foremost, Laura is a person. A person who exists, and yet doesn’t exist. Laura is a well-defined idea of a certain type of woman. To be clear, she actually could have any name. Laura is ‘The Laura’ of my novel, an imaginary person in a tale, the muse of the protagonist. She was partially created out of the inspiration of a real Laura, but it’s obviously not her. My Laura doesn’t exist in the real world. The real Laura is Laura Prepon, a famous and excellent American actress, director and writer. It’s possible to get to know her, better, by visiting her official site,, where you’ll find photos, videos, interviews and links to her social media, all official.”

Q: “Why Laura Prepon?
A: “Let’s say that… it just happened. I was following a famous American TV series in which she was a co-protagonist, and something in her sparked my curiosity, attracted my attention, so I went to look for some articles, videos and interviews in which she herself was talking so I could see if my instinct was right. I started to follow her official accounts, and I liked what I saw. I had found the right person to inspire the description of the character in my novel.”

Q: “What was it in her that especially struck you?
A: “What struck me about her was what she seemed able to transmit something about herself, not so much what she did, but how she did it. Laura seemed to me to be one of those people who choose to follow their own way with courage, determination and consistency, always being themselves, trying to do their part in this world as best as they can, whatever it is, without faking it, without forcing it, without imposed masks and costumes. Doing it for themselves and for others, with heart, mind and soul. Always. So, a person to be looked up to as an example and, why not?, as an inspiration for a writer. That’s why I decided to keep the name ‘Laura’ for the character in my novel, also as an affectionate homage to her and for all women like her.”

Q: “But have you ever met her, collaborated with her, or…?
A: “Absolutely not. As I said, the Laura of my book isn’t her. Anyway, Laura Prepon most probably doesn’t even know that I exist! Sure, I’d like to get to know her in person, have a real exchange writer to writer, talk about my project,… and, why not, collaborate in some way, since, as I think and imagine, she might share the messages that my story wants to express, but… I haven’t had the chance, unfortunately.”

Q: “OK, just one more question,… what was it like to read your words that you chose and balanced and felt so deeply in Italian translated then into English? I know you speak English. Was it a weird experience?
A: “It was a great experience! When I decided to start this self-publishing adventure, I also absolutely wanted my book to be released both in Italian and English. I have many friends in the U.S.A. and in Europe, too, and then… well, everyone knows that I have a passion for the States! Also, honestly, I was really lucky to meet the woman who later became my official translator (Starleen K. Meyer). She did an exceptional job, from all points-of-view. And then… reading the dialogues translated into US English exactly as I had imagined them… it was really fun!”

Q: “Will there be a sequel?
A: “Well,… Who knows…, maybe. Who can say?! Stay tuned to find out!”

Milan, Italy. April 16, 2020

Translated from Italian by Starleen K. Meyer

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“Meeting Laura – A novel loosely and partially inspired by the life of…
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Author: Anna “Annina” Lorenzi
Original Title: “Incontrando Laura – Un romanzo liberamente e in parte ispirato alla vita di…”
Translated from Italian by Starleen K. Meyer

Although the novel is loosely – and only partially – inspired by the life of Laura Prepon, this is a work of fiction, and this book is not authorized and/or endorsed by L. H. Prepon. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, names, characters, businesses, places, locales, and incidents are purely coincidental, produced by the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.

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