In one go… #20

– In the style of The Microscope & The Roller Coaster – Pale sunset Skeletons of trees resigned to autumn A humid September breeze is about to end. Time flows, it’s dying. Thoughts get distracted At the song of a tiny feathered being. September 29, 2021Photo by: A19 In the style of #TheMicroscope & #TheRollerCoaster (Some Call It … More In one go… #20

In one go… #19

– In the style of The Microscope & The Roller Coaster – I’ll wait without ever disturbing defending a promise a memory, your honor. I’ll wait letting you go so your “I” could be light and free to fly. And if of this world will end, then, all time in another life you, come to … More In one go… #19

In one go… #18

– In the style of The Microscope & The Roller Coaster – I’ll protect your silences, the time you need, your instants of peace, your space, your world. I’ll protect your words and your promises, each and every one of your truths, whether they’re doubts or certainties. And if you stumble on a memory that … More In one go… #18

In one go… #17

– In the style of The Microscope & The Roller Coaster – But you continue to smile, really. At the dawn of the day, which smells of coffee, drawing deeply on the first cig, while the sun rises, the air smells of dampness and cement, for an instant letting go of all your thoughts to … More In one go… #17

In one go… #15

– In the style of The Microscope & The Roller Coaster – And that’s how the shadows fell The sun and stars shut themselves off Everything changed its shape Taking on the form of nothingness. At the dawn of that new day Just a thick fog. May 25, 2021 Original photo by: Tiago Vasconcelos on … More In one go… #15

In one go… #14

– In the style of The Microscope & The Roller Coaster – Slowly the fronds wave A new spring wind A slice of moon shines in the sky I observe and hope That your soul can fly Always free and light. May 19, 2021 Original photo by: Jordan Steranka on Unsplash In the style of #TheMicroscope & … More In one go… #14

In one go… #13

– In the style of The Microscope & The Roller Coaster – A shiny sword pierced the chest suddenly a brilliant red tinted the snow of the fields. Unexpected, the freeze got to the heart stealing the last breath. A little farther on, among the ruins, the call of a blackbird. April 27, 2021 Original … More In one go… #13

In one go… #11

– In the style of The Microscope & The Roller Coaster – Shining in the middle of an abandoned field red poppies relight the sun, for a few instants, in the wind a song of joy. A faraway summer. April 24, 2021 Original photo by: Corina Ardeleanu on Unsplash In the style of #TheMicroscope & #TheRollerCoaster (Some Call … More In one go… #11

In one go… #10

In the style of The Microscope… waiting for TRC! Stay Tuned! A year in a bubble. Immobile. And yet, all of a sudden, it seemed to us possible to see the sun, even a rainbow, in that bubble. All illuminated, shining, full. It seemed really really beautiful. It seemed. For a bit. And then… back … More In one go… #10

In one go… #9

In the style of The Microscope… waiting for TRC! Stay Tuned! Mud drips slowly, it insinuates itself, covers, wraps. It dirties the water as it goes through even the most limpid, the most crystalline. Without pity drowns in this way even that being now destined to disappear. Someone is talking about a summer rain. It … More In one go… #9

In one go… #8

In the style of The Microscope… Rewind. Shhh, don’t say anything, don’t express anything, you can’t. Disappear. And yet, I seem to still hear the sound of your voice, the sound of those words, your words still echoing in my mind. They echo, they worm their way in, they insist. A sweet melody or a … More In one go… #8

In one go… #7

Waiting for The Microscope… And just like that, now annulled. Oh that your heart become stone and your glance ice. Oh that your soul shut up and your Id disappear. Forever. Like water that flows, let everything simply go. Like an autumn leaf, resign yourself to the wind, alone. Resign yourself to death. Inevitable. And … More In one go… #7

In one go… #6

Waiting for The Microscope… It will be, maybe, one day a breath of wind. It will be, maybe, that red leaf of a maple tree already bare that falls slowly to the ground. It will be, maybe, the first fog of an autumn morning that wraps around the nearby horizon. It will be, maybe, the … More In one go… #6

In one go… #5

Waiting for The Microscope… You are… A sudden light that fascinates and muddles, that reawakens spirit and common sense, that disturbs them and amazes them. A cloud on the horizon before the storm, a bolt of lightning that blinds, that disappears, and doesn’t stay. Violent thunder before the storm, a strong storm that whistles, freezes, … More In one go… #5

In one go… #4

Waiting for The Microscope… Today slip slowly, slip again. On streets, cars, alleys and mansions; on open umbrellas, dripping street lamps, on people’s heads, and on me. Today fall slowly, fall constantly. Wash away the bad, the emptiness, the freeze, the pain; then clear the head, soul and heart, cancel doubt, incomprehension, error. Today steal … More In one go… #4

Merry Christmas!

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to you all… 🙂 (waiting for #TheMicroscope – Some Call It Poetry) An excerpt from the novel Meeting Laura, chapter 4: While it seems that nothing else matters – “Everyone needs a quiet happy place…” Souls celebrating, table set, the kitchen’s warmth, the house full of life and the littlest ones playing. Chatting, food, … More Merry Christmas!