The Microscope & Anna “Annina” Lorenzi – First Author Interview

About a month after the publication of this collection of poems, here is the complete version of the first interview done by the author and conducted by Marika Mendolia, blogger and book influencer. “…Who is Anna?,” “The title of your work, The Microscope, where does it come from?,” “Why do you call your verses ‘snapshots’?,” “How much of you … More The Microscope & Anna “Annina” Lorenzi – First Author Interview

In one go… #7

Waiting for The Microscope… And just like that, now annulled. Oh that your heart become stone and your glance ice. Oh that your soul shut up and your Id disappear. Forever. Like water that flows, let everything simply go. Like an autumn leaf, resign yourself to the wind, alone. Resign yourself to death. Inevitable. And … More In one go… #7

In one go… #6

Waiting for The Microscope… It will be, maybe, one day a breath of wind. It will be, maybe, that red leaf of a maple tree already bare that falls slowly to the ground. It will be, maybe, the first fog of an autumn morning that wraps around the nearby horizon. It will be, maybe, the … More In one go… #6

In one go… #5

Waiting for The Microscope… You are… A sudden light that fascinates and muddles, that reawakens spirit and common sense, that disturbs them and amazes them. A cloud on the horizon before the storm, a bolt of lightning that blinds, that disappears, and doesn’t stay. Violent thunder before the storm, a strong storm that whistles, freezes, … More In one go… #5

The Microscope: eBook Preorder & Booktrailer!

SIETE PRONTI? Preordinate i vostri eBook Kindle ORA! In tutti gli Amazon store. #TheMicroscope [IT] – Dopo l’uscita del romanzo Incontrando Laura, e durante la stesura del suo sequel, torna a sorpresa Anna “Annina” Lorenzi con un progetto laterale del tutto differente dalle sue passate pubblicazioni… Una raccolta del tutto fuori dagli schemi, senza regole. Una … More The Microscope: eBook Preorder & Booktrailer!

The Microscope: release date & Booktrailer!

ARE YOU READY? #TheMicroscope (Someone Call It Poetry) The Microscope. A collection of snapshots immortalized with a pen. “…a ‘lateral’ project completely different from her previous publications…” Available in all Amazon stores, in paperback and eBook format, from February, 8 2021. –> Stay Tuned for the eBook Pre-order! <– Booktrailer: Click on Play, Audio ON! … More The Microscope: release date & Booktrailer!

In one go… #4

Waiting for The Microscope… Today slip slowly, slip again. On streets, cars, alleys and mansions; on open umbrellas, dripping street lamps, on people’s heads, and on me. Today fall slowly, fall constantly. Wash away the bad, the emptiness, the freeze, the pain; then clear the head, soul and heart, cancel doubt, incomprehension, error. Today steal … More In one go… #4