Bright colors, vivid, shining,
make your smile a perfect smile,
your beauty almost surprising,
the undisputed center of attention, you think.

They cast a spell over the stage’s spotlights,
they fascinate and attract with all their brilliance.
It’s almost impossible to resist them, to remain in the shadow,
to stay there only to watch.

It would be so easy to give in to the temptation,
so easy to let oneself be fooled…

(Is that smile of yours really real?)

Reflected lights, lights that deceive.
Lights that exalt that which is to be shown.

Warm lights, golden lights, real lights, and inexistent lights
that when turned on illuminate only apparent truths.

Lights that reveal a part of you,
only a part of you.

Will you remember not to forget who you were?
Will you remember what your yesterday was?
Will you be able to stay who you are?

And will you still be able to recognize yourself, tomorrow?

Waiting to meet Laura… (from May 19, 2020! *)
#BeTrueToYourself #NeverTryToFitIntoAnyMold #ThereIsOnlyOneYou

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Translation: Starleen K. Meyer

original photo: Marko Heinrich


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