The Microscope. Lanciato il preorder: le reazioni dei blogger

Dopo aver comunicato la data di uscita ufficiale (8 febbraio 2021), alle ore 9 di oggi, viene pubblicamente annunciato il lancio del preorder per The Microscope. Una raccolta di scatti immortalati con la penna. I blogger sembrano prendere la news piuttosto bene… (e io vi ringrazio! 🙂 ) Ecco le primissime reazioni di questa mattina… … More The Microscope. Lanciato il preorder: le reazioni dei blogger

The Microscope: eBook Preorder & Booktrailer!

SIETE PRONTI? Preordinate i vostri eBook Kindle ORA! In tutti gli Amazon store. #TheMicroscope [IT] – Dopo l’uscita del romanzo Incontrando Laura, e durante la stesura del suo sequel, torna a sorpresa Anna “Annina” Lorenzi con un progetto laterale del tutto differente dalle sue passate pubblicazioni… Una raccolta del tutto fuori dagli schemi, senza regole. Una … More The Microscope: eBook Preorder & Booktrailer!

The Microscope: release date & Booktrailer!

ARE YOU READY? #TheMicroscope (Someone Call It Poetry) The Microscope. A collection of snapshots immortalized with a pen. “…a ‘lateral’ project completely different from her previous publications…” Available in all Amazon stores, in paperback and eBook format, from February, 8 2021. –> Stay Tuned for the eBook Pre-order! <– Booktrailer: Click on Play, Audio ON! … More The Microscope: release date & Booktrailer!

In one go… #4

Waiting for The Microscope… Today slip slowly, slip again. On streets, cars, alleys and mansions; on open umbrellas, dripping street lamps, on people’s heads, and on me. Today fall slowly, fall constantly. Wash away the bad, the emptiness, the freeze, the pain; then clear the head, soul and heart, cancel doubt, incomprehension, error. Today steal … More In one go… #4

Merry Christmas!

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to you all… 🙂 (waiting for #TheMicroscope – Some Call It Poetry) An excerpt from the novel Meeting Laura, chapter 4: While it seems that nothing else matters – “Everyone needs a quiet happy place…” Souls celebrating, table set, the kitchen’s warmth, the house full of life and the littlest ones playing. Chatting, food, … More Merry Christmas!

In one go… #2

Waiting for The Microscope… Nothingness spreads wide, drying the earth. Slowly colors fade; every leaf falls to the ground. Death. Once that recognized profile is seen, the eye remains ever vigilant. It perceives the presence, the soul, now frozen, still feels Life. (So much so that it almost bothers it.) Why do you ignore me? … More In one go… #2

In one go… #1

Waiting for The Microscope… It’s cold. It’s freezing. Inside, outside, around. Deep inside. The way can’t be seen. Lights off and dark. And shadows. Shadows of memories that fill up the brain. They leave the mind breathless, and weigh down the heart. Glass fogged up, ice, wind that strips away the skin and the soul. … More In one go… #1

Two lines

Two thin lines dance without stopping dance to the rhythm of two melodies, different, but from the same poem. They dance under the sun, the rain, in a storm, dance afar, barely brushing each other… instants. And yet they dance under the same sky, they always have. They follow their own path, inevitably, curved, angular, … More Two lines


Bright colors, vivid, shining, make your smile a perfect smile, your beauty almost surprising, the undisputed center of attention, you think. They cast a spell over the stage’s spotlights, they fascinate and attract with all their brilliance. It’s almost impossible to resist them, to remain in the shadow, to stay there only to watch. It … More Lights