The merry-go-round of our memories

Souls celebrating, table set, the kitchen’s warmth, the house full of life and the littlest ones playing. Chatting, food, laughter, toasts, happiness; relax, intimacy, joy. Meanwhile outside, among the first shadows of the evening, snow has started to fall, again, softly, wrapping and padding the entire landscape in its white quilt. The mind scampers, mocking, … More The merry-go-round of our memories

Without make-up and without deceit (spotlights out)

I like to see you like this. Without make-up and without “deceit,” with just a serene smile on your face and your eyes made-up with happiness. Far from the spotlights of the stage, the red carpets, the catwalks, the people calling your name, the flash of the photographers and the squash of microphones to hear … More Without make-up and without deceit (spotlights out)