The Roller Coaster – Up’n’Down! – Excerpt #15

An extension of The Microscope (some call it poetry)

slip slowly, slip again.

On streets, cars, alleys and mansions;
on open umbrellas, dripping street lamps,
on people’s heads, and on me.

fall slowly, fall constantly.

Wash away the bad, the emptiness, the freeze, the pain;
then clear the head, soul and heart,
cancel doubt, incomprehension, error.

steal time from us, the one forgotten.

Immobile, to observe you from behind glass,
free your mind of all excesses,
and in a little puddle look at us, reflected. (…)

[from “Loop #16” – January 2, 2021 – Original photo: @botto_ph on Unsplash]

“The Roller Coaster – Up’n’Down! – An extension of The Microscope
(some call it poetry)”

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Original Title: “The Roller Coaster – Up’n’Down! – Un’estensione di The Microscope (qualcuno le chiama poesie)”
by Anna “Annina” Lorenzi. Translated from Italian by: Starleen K. Meyer
From the book series: “Some Call It Poetry”

An “Original A19” Project.
Copyright ©2021 Anna Lorenzi. All rights reserved

Reader “Zero”: Starleen K. Meyer


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