The Microscope: excerpt #8


The unmistakable sound of the nth uncorking
precedes the first icy sip.

A sip that goes down fast, intense,
directly from the mouth to the stomach.

A stomach that is closed, knotted, tense,
as if hit by a sudden punch.

Another sip.

The smoke of the first draw fogs the vision.
Only for seconds.

The eyes return to that white sheet.
The cursor blinks, stuck, on the waiting line. (…)

From The Microscope. A collection of snapshots immortalized with a pen, “Snapshot n. 7”.

#TheMicroscope (Some Call It Poetry)

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English translation: Starleen K. Meyer

“The Microscope. A collection of snapshots immortalized with a pen” – From the book series: Some Call It Poetry
Original Title: “The Microscope. Una raccolta di scatti immortalati con la penna” by Anna “Annina” Lorenzi.
From the book series: Qualcuno Le Chiama Poesie – Translated from Italian by: Starleen K. Meyer

An “Original A19” Project.
Copyright ©2020 Anna Lorenzi. All rights reserved.

Reader “Zero”: Lucia Codato, Writer Coach –
Reader “Zero” for “Extra Snapshot”: Max Pezzali

Booktrailer, cover and book design: A19
Copyright ©2020 Anna Lorenzi.
Booktrailer’s music by: Gabriele Nisi


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