The Roller Coaster – Up’n’Down! – Excerpt #09

An extension of The Microscope (some call it poetry)

(…) We have seen mountains and enchanted woods,
rivers, lakes, deserts,
and uncontaminated seas. (…)

We have turned on the stars just to make us dream,
and we have held out a hand
just to make us get up, again.

Whether we want to call it chance
or destiny,
we have broken the rules to stay near to each other. (…)

Close your eyes slowly, and sleep well,
lots of beautiful dreams,
and serene days. (…)

[from “Loop #11” – October-November 2020 – Original photo: David Traña on Unsplash]

“The Roller Coaster – Up’n’Down! – An extension of The Microscope
(some call it poetry)”

Available in all Amazon stores, in paperback and eBook format, from May, 8 2021.
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*English edition, ASIN Code: B091FYR1LT – Italian edition, ASIN Code: B091FYHS2M – ex.:


Original Title: “The Roller Coaster – Up’n’Down! – Un’estensione di The Microscope (qualcuno le chiama poesie)”
by Anna “Annina” Lorenzi. Translated from Italian by: Starleen K. Meyer

An “Original A19” Project.
Copyright ©2021 Anna Lorenzi. All rights reserved

Reader “Zero”: Starleen K. Meyer


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