Stoic travelers

Meeting Laura – A novel...Excerpts & Extra Content #1 –

And what could be said about that young couple to the side, indisputably armed with a lot of love, a couple of backpacks, tired with hope-filled eyes, worn-out jeans and sharing a pair of headphones? Who knows what their story could be…

Who knows if they, too, felt – as AJ had – like stoic travelers and citizens of the whole world all at once in one split instant. Who knows if the recklessness of their young age made them also feel like fearless knights with noble goals and united souls, unstoppable, almost invincible, proud of what they were and of that determination that would never have let them quit. Who knows if…

He stayed and watched them for a few indefinable instants. His mind could easily have transported himself into other epochs, into other lives. The memories could have invaded his soul too easily.

No. It wasn’t the right time. It wasn’t the place. Now, his concentration needed to remain firmly anchored on his mission, on his trip. His first thought was of her, and only of her. It was better to get immediately back to observing the present that surrounded him, now. Anyway, it was almost time to get on the plane. And then…

And then there were others, unavoidable, resigned, mute, impossible not to find them in any airport of the world… (…)

Excerpts, marked with colored bar, from the novel:

Meeting Laura – #Excerpts & Extra Contents

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Translated from Italian by Starleen K. Meyer

“Meeting Laura – A novel loosely and partially inspired by the life of…“
An “A19” project – Copyright ©2019-2020 Anna Lorenzi
All rights reserved.

Author: Anna “Annina” Lorenzi
Original Title: “Incontrando Laura – Un romanzo liberamente e in parte ispirato alla vita di…”
Translated from Italian by Starleen K. Meyer

Although the novel is loosely – and only partially – inspired by the life of Laura Prepon, this is a work of fiction, and this book is not authorized and/or endorsed by L. H. PreponAny resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, names, characters, businesses, places, locales, and incidents are purely coincidental, produced by the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.


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