If you were…

If you were a flower, would you ever like to be stepped on? If you were a tree, would you ever like to be cut down? And if you were a dragonfly, would you ever like someone to pull off your wings? And if you were a person, would you ever like to be derided, … More If you were…

Blizzard in NYC

The city is covered with soft newly fallen snow that, as predicted, doesn’t seem to want to stop falling; suddenly the entire landscape appears to be emptied, silenced, padded by that surreal silence. The footfalls of those few who venture out into the streets that freezing night reverberate among the buildings dirtied with white, squeaking … More Blizzard in NYC

That night

The lights go off, they stop blinding, the “theater curtain” falls, and everyone goes home until the next engagement. The tension relaxes, and that night, soaking wet thanks to rain that seems it just won’t quit, brings with it uncertain thoughts, doubts, questions, and a little bit of melancholy. The city is still asleep, sparkling … More That night

You laugh, contented

That imaginary horizon line now dances, graceful, on a palette of intense blues,rippled only by a few brushstrokes of clouds and sky,of waves and the sea that merge and lose themselves in each other and hypnotize the gaze. The sun, hot, caresses your white skin,your concentration high in following every movement of your fishing line … More You laugh, contented

The merry-go-round of our memories

Souls celebrating, table set, the kitchen’s warmth, the house full of life and the littlest ones playing. Chatting, food, laughter, toasts, happiness; relax, intimacy, joy. Meanwhile outside, among the first shadows of the evening, snow has started to fall, again, softly, wrapping and padding the entire landscape in its white quilt. The mind scampers, mocking, … More The merry-go-round of our memories