An incredible beauty

Rays of a sun gilded by the sunset soon to come
break on the gray clouds in the sky,
spoiling their threatening appearance.
A horizon so vast that it’s not possible to discern its end.

You walk, relaxed, on the wooden terrace of your lodge,
wearing only a voluminous bathrobe, even whiter than your own skin.
Your hair dries in the warm breeze of the evening.

Vegetation and uncontaminated nature stretch out, immense, in front of you,
hypnotizing you with their incredible beauty,
with the good smells and sounds of universes apparently unreachable, even if there now,
just a step from your being.

No one is around.

You observe and breathe softly, almost as if you didn’t want to disturb,
didn’t want to lose even a split second of that unexpected adventure,
allowing your thoughts to roam freely in memories and sensations,
in the past, present and future. In awareness and questions…

(December 2019 – Waiting to meet Laura…)

English translation: Starleen K. Meyer

original photo: “Serengeti 34”
by Mike (


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