That enchanting je ne sais quoi

The horizon is burning, right there, above the line where the prairie meets the foothills
and the sky, enchanting, offers its natural pyrotechnical spectacle.

The fresh and fizzy air of the end of September wraps the bodies swathed in
warm woolen sweaters. The herd is at rest. There’s no one around.

From inside come the smells of food, the sounds of cutlery,
and the large roaring fireplace seems to succeed in getting its warmth out there.

The open valley brings with it something enchanted.
The grass, waving gently in the evening’s breeze, whispers faraway stories
of past adventures, of epic and magical gestures.
The woods surrounding it breathe and live in a universe all of their own,
mysterious, fascinating, a theater of ancient fables…

(November 2019 – Waiting to meet Laura…)

English translation: Starleen K. Meyer

original photo: “Montana Sunset”
by Carin Barnett (


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