That night

The lights go off, they stop blinding, the “theater curtain” falls,
and everyone goes home until the next engagement.
The tension relaxes, and that night, soaking wet thanks to rain that seems it just won’t quit,
brings with it uncertain thoughts, doubts, questions, and a little bit of melancholy.

The city is still asleep, sparkling with reflections on the wet roads,
among dripping lampposts and the cars, turned off, parked in a row, one behind the other,
a perfect company for that certain sense of inquietude unable to be expressed
or to be booted out.

Alone in her little apartment, looking out the window,
her glance is elsewhere;
tiredness there is, but not enough of it to concede the much deserved rest…

(December 2019 – Waiting to meet Laura…)

Translation: Starleen K. Meyer

original photo: “Raincolours”
by Matthias Ripp (


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