A hot summer afternoon…

Everything had begun by chance, for those who want to believe in chance
(otherwise, let’s calmly call it destiny, if you prefer that),
quietly, so, quietly, in fact, that he, himself, in the beginning wasn’t even aware of it.

It was a hot summer afternoon, one like so many others,
the air conditioning was silently refreshing the room,
his Mac turned on with a million tabs open,
outside, a light still too blinding to be confronted.

He was working on one of the thousand projects that had come to mind in the last months,
doing a bit of research, looking at photographs
and thumbing rapidly through pages and pages of web sites and Google previews.

Suddenly, he ran into a gaze that he recognized,
an unmistakable smile, impossible to forget.

“Well, look who we have here…”

In that moment, everything changed…

(October 2019 – Waiting to meet Laura…)

Translation: Starleen K. Meyer

original photo: Web


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