I will be there for you. (Don’t be afraid)

I walk a few steps away from you, a little behind you.

I try to act as if nothing particular is going on, try not to be noticed, but remain focused. I want to be ready in case of need, if you should need help, if you should need something, anything… There’s no way of knowing, it won’t happen, but just in case, I will be there, I’ll be there for you. And this is my first thought, now.

The humidity of this forest can be sensed clearly in the air. Backpacks on warm backs, the soles of heavy shoes get darker and darker walking on that almost soupy earth, regular breathing comes rhythmically, slowly, during our progress, while the path, for the moment, rises gently.

The intense perfume of this green green tangle of plants, moss and wet leaves even gets into the mind, liberating it.

One of our guides, happy, leads a local song, a song that talks about not worrying, about not being afraid…

Waiting to meet Laura

Translation: Starleen K. Meyer

original photo: Andre Cook


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