Pouring Rain

Meeting Laura – A novel...Excerpts & Extra Content #3 –

The lights go off, they stop their blinding, the “theater curtain” goes down, and everyone goes
home until the next gig. Tension loosens its grip, and that night, soaked to the skin by a rain that seemed to never end, she brought along uncertain thoughts, questions and a little bit of melancholy.

The city was still sleeping, shining with reflections on its wet streets, with dripping lampposts and cars, turned off, parked in a row one after the other, perfect company for that certain sense of inquietude that couldn’t be expressed or booted out.

On the other side of the road, a young guy was walking slowly, not paying any attention to what was happening around him, to the pouring rain and his soaked clothes. Only the hood of his jacket covered his head. Maybe his mind, completely absorbed, was travelling in other places, in worlds only she knew and had permission to explore.

The silence was interrupted only by the roar of the drops that, with insistent violence, smashed on everything only to slide off quickly, following their inevitable paths.

Alone in her little apartment, Laura looks out the window, her mind is elsewhere…

Excerpts, marked with colored bar, from the novel:

Meeting Laura – #Excerpts & Extra Contents

original photo: Web
Translated from Italian by Starleen K. Meyer

“Meeting Laura – A novel loosely and partially inspired by the life of…“
An “A19” project – Copyright ©2019-2020 Anna Lorenzi
All rights reserved.

Author: Anna “Annina” Lorenzi
Original Title: “Incontrando Laura – Un romanzo liberamente e in parte ispirato alla vita di…”
Translated from Italian by Starleen K. Meyer

Although the novel is loosely – and only partially – inspired by the life of Laura Prepon, this is a work of fiction, and this book is not authorized and/or endorsed by L. H. PreponAny resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, names, characters, businesses, places, locales, and incidents are purely coincidental, produced by the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.


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