Put an Ace under the tree, too!

The perfect present for all children from 3 to 99 years old! (You could win … a cat! LOL! – Just kidding! 😉 )
#Ace‘s book is at a discounted price for the entire month of December. Don’t miss it!

The Story of Ace, the Dog that Comes from Space
A book for everybody, “from zero to 100” years old!
Available in paperback and eBook formats, English and Italian editions, on all Amazon stores.
Click here for all the info!

Ace, Lele Corvi & Anna “Annina” Lorenzi 
Some previews… click here!

Starleen K. Meyer, Anna “Annina” Lorenzi, &… Ignazio/Ace! (It/En)
An excerpt about Ace from the interview with my translator

Gabriele “Lele” Corvi: Bio & Info (It/En) 
Website: lelecorvi.com 
Facebook: Lele Corvi page – Instagram: @lele.corvi – Twitter: @LeleCorvi

“The Story of Ace, the Dog that Comes from Space” (translated from Italian by Starleen K. Meyer), and its original title “La Storia di Ignazio, il cane che arriva dallo spazio” are an “Original A19” Project in collaboration with Lele Corvi. Copyright ©2021 Anna Lorenzi. All rights reserved. Texts: Anna “Annina” Lorenzi. Copyright ©2021 Anna Lorenzi. All rights reserved. Illustrations by Lele CorviCopyright ©2021 Gabriele Corvi. All rights reserved. English translation: Starleen K. Meyer


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