Without make-up and without deceit (spotlights out)

I like to see you like this.
Without make-up and without “deceit,”
with just a serene smile on your face and your eyes made-up with happiness.

Far from the spotlights of the stage, the red carpets, the catwalks,
the people calling your name, the flash of the photographers
and the squash of microphones to hear you.

A real moment, spotlights out.
A sincere snap, stolen from your world,
from one of your normal days.

I like to see you like this.
Without your hair done and without your stage costumes,
wearing normal clothes and the beauty of your spontaneity.

You could have been anyone,
become anyone, done anything.

You could have climbed any peak,
achieved success, looking at everyone from above.

You did only what was right for you.
Conquering your successes, staying yourself.

A sensitive soul, sincere, determined,
an open mind, intelligent, capable of taking risks;
a courageous heart, noble and crazy,
wanting to beat.

I like to see you like this.
Spotlights off,
your image speaks of you, simply who you are.

(November 2019 – Waiting to meet Laura…)

English translation by: Starleen K. Meyer

original photo: Web
credit: azerberjankey on pixabay.com


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